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child is a high quality preschool in New Zealand, setting a standard in both education and staffing. We offer five innovative and individual learning environments, catering for all preschool children from birth to five years, thus ensuring continuity of progress in these all-important formative years. Our purpose-built preschools are designed solely for the child. These unique surroundings set our children on a journey of accelerated learning and self-discovery whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. Through a diverse educational programme, your child will learn, grow and develop in an inspirational environment. Our holistic teaching programmes are of the highest standard utilising structured learning plans, lesson evaluations and child-initiated activities.

At child, we guide our children by providing them with an intriguing array of outdoor areas, arts, books and learning materials. We believe that childhood should be a joyful and exciting time and if guided properly, children will learn without even knowing that they are learning. 

Through our educational approach encompassing emotional, social and intellectual development, we help children feel valued and acknowledged in today’s world. We encourage them to feel confident in developing positive relationships with both teachers and other children and we respect and celebrate their different, individual personalities.

True to our goal of being the best preschool available, we also offer two full-time chefs in a fully equipped commercial kitchen cooking three daily nutritious meals for our children. We have dedicated sleep rooms, a dedicated staffroom with adjoining teacher resource and planning room, laundry, meeting room and car seat storage.

child is a privately owned Preschool, run and managed by Lee Clark. Lee is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who has had many years of experience teaching and educating children, both nationally and internationally. Lee gained her qualifications in Australia, where Lee and her husband designed and built “The Heritage Preschool” in NSW, Australia. Lee successfully managed the preschool for eight years before selling it to move to New Zealand. Her passion to educate young children is reflected in that both herself and Preschool Manager Lauren are on site every day involved in the managing and daily running of child.  Lauren is Early Childhood and Primary Trained, they are both always available for discussions, face to face meetings and involvement with all parents, staff and children to ensure a close family environment.  

Above all, we firmly believe that children need to be nurtured in an environment where their creativity and imagination is embraced.

In other words, where children can be children.

At child, our goal is simple: to make learning irresistible. In other words, to uncover the potential within each child, enabling us to prepare and inspire them for a lifetime of learning, discovery and creative thinking.

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