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The first five years of a child’s life are so important, and child is the perfect environment to protect and educate them during these years. 

In a world where children are rapidly losing their childhood, our philosophy is to encourage, nurture and maintain the innocence and excitement of the young at such a precious time in their life. Children need to feel a sense of security and belonging when they are away from their parents.  

More than just a baby daycare our preschool programme for our under two’s focuses on all aspects of learning similar to our older children but in a more specialised and individual manner for this age. It is underpinned by an educational based programme and they are introduced to all learning opportunities, in a nurturing, fun and social way.

Before your son or daughter starts at child, we offer visits to enable us to settle and familiarise both yourself and your child with their preschool and teachers.

child provides all meals for your children during their day. For our younger children all we ask is that you bring their own bottles with the formula they require, everything else is provided. Our chefs design a well-balanced and nutritious menu daily, including morning and afternoon tea and a hot lunch. Each baby is catered for in regards to food levels, whether it be pureed, mashed or whole foods.

For all children at child, regardless of their age, all bedding is provided. This linen is named for your child and laundered weekly or replaced immediately if necessary. You are also welcome to pack a favourite blanket or pillow if your child would feel more comfortable and secure at sleep time. child is not just a baby daycare but a caring, personal and loving environment where our babies have their own individual cots, bedding and teacher to allow this close personal bond to develop.

We keep daily records for each child aged under two. This shows sleep times, food eaten, bottles given, nappy changes and how their day was in general. There is also space provided for any relevant information from the parents for that day regarding their sleep, breakfast, that morning’s behaviour etc. 

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to leave the house in the morning, we provide all nappies, wipes, creams etc, regardless of your child’s age. All you need to pack is a spare change of clothes, a jacket, sun hat or warm hat. For the younger children, please remember you need to also pack their bottles and formula.

Everything else for your child’s day is provided – meals, drinks, sheets, blankets, pillows, nappies, baby wipes, sun block, activities, toys, equipment – and lots of inspiration!

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