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child® is a leading-edge preschool learning environment, specifically designed to exceed all requirements by The Ministry of Education in terms of education standards, equipment, staff qualifications and teacher/child ratios, monitoring and reporting, safety and security, health and nutrition, climate and environmental responsibilities.

Located in a modern, innovative building at Smales Farm, child® encompasses five separate pre-schools with five separate outdoor playgrounds. Each preschool is a stand-alone entity encompassing its own teachers, bathroom, sleep room, programmes, and creative indoor and outdoor areas.

What’s more, each preschool has a different themed interior design and caters for a specific age with high quality teacher/child ratios.

Our five individual preschools:

0-2 years 15 children teacher/child ratio 1:3
2-3 years 25 children teacher/child ratio 1:5
3-4 years 25 children teacher/child ratio 1:6
3-4 years 25 children teacher/child ratio 1:6
4-5 years 25 children teacher/child ratio 1:6

This unique concept allows us to tailor each pre-school’s environment, equipment, teaching resources and programmes to that age group. By maintaining small class sizes and high quality teacher/child ratios, we can ensure close, personal attention between our children and their teachers.

We permanently employ an extra staff member to cover lunch breaks and absences
so these quality ratios are always maintained.

At child® we are committed to the highest standards
of qualified staff and quality teacher/child ratios.


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