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Renee – 2015

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015 by childuser

I was nervous about Kaitlyn starting primary school and in particular about whether she would cope with being in school with older kids, a larger playground, and the new activities that primary school brings but she has absolutely flourished and a large part of that is contributed to the teachers at Child. When she first started she wasn’t very sociable around other kids or confident with physical activities like climbing but the teachers in each class she was in worked through those areas with her and now she enjoys the climbing to the top of the Net Climber and has made so many friends. At a young age Kaitlyn had an interest in words and the teachers in each class gave her new challenges and material so she could build on what she had learnt. She never got bored and had a very good outlook on learning. The net result was Kaitlyn spending only a couple of weeks in the new entrant class and the primary teachers commenting that she was very well prepared academically, physically, and emotionally.


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