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Posted on: May 6th, 2013 by childuser

“I first enrolled my children at Child in 2009 – I had been dissatisfied with my previous day care option as I was simply not happy with the staff to child ratio in particular with the younger children. I really felt that I would be happier with my children having closer supervision and attention when they are 3 or under than is available in a lot of other centres. A friend recommended Child to me and I have never looked back. All three of my children have now attended Child and not once have I had that squirmy feeling in my stomach that us working mums can get when we see or hear something that we are not 100% happy with regarding our children’s care.  My children have always had top class care and careful, experienced attention at all times during the past 4 years and I, my husband, and our precious kids have been overwhelmingly happy here. A special shout out to Carin, Jeanine and Laura for forming a special bond with each of my kids and making their time here such a loving and caring experience.  I really believe that Child is the top child care option in the country and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering placing their child in day care.”




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