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Posted on: February 6th, 2013 by childuser

I have no hesitations in recommending Child Pre-school and actually offered to give this testimonial.  My daughter went there from 3.5 years old until she went to school.  Having transferred from another day-care, it was eye-opening to see the differences between an adequate crèche and an extraordinary one like Child.  From a practical viewpoint, Child  has nutritious meals, opening hours that assist today’s working parent, and the facilities, resources and rooms are well equipped and maintained to create a pleasant environment for that second home away from home.  But more importantly, I was so pleased with the way Child was outstanding in every facet of my daughter’s care: fine/gross motor skills, physical activity, creative play, social skills, and early education.  My daughter was so well-prepared for school that she has advanced two reading levels within two weeks of going to school and is socially comfortable from being at a day-care where courtesy and inclusiveness are encouraged.  Her other friends from Child have also similarly surpassed new school entrant expectations both academically and socially.  The Child staff are genuinely and consistently kind and caring towards the children and their families.  It was touching and reassuring that the teachers as well as the centre manager Lee recognised my daughter’s strengths and were proud of her achievements and also focussed on improving weaknesses.  The non-teaching staff are personable and clearly an integral part of the ‘Child family’.  Everyone is approachable and responsive to queries.  Daytrips, external speakers as well as structured days covering art, music, learning, maths and literacy and physical movement gave my daughter fantastic overall learning experiences.  However, the personal care that she received from Child has contributed to her confidence, happiness and general growth in so many countless but significant ways – I could not have asked for more!  The fact that my daughter still wants to go and visit says it all:)

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