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Posted on: October 5th, 2015 by childuser

Child was an amazing experience for Henrietta. 

What a credit to Child, the staff and teachers – and an enormous relief for us as parents – to find that from a previously very clingy, and unsettled little girl, Henrietta instead became excited and approached each day with great anticipation to get to Child to be with her friends and teachers. 

My husband and I noticed the difference in Henrietta from her first day.  We were absolutely delighted and relieved to have our little girl looking forward to her day ahead. 

Henrietta became confident and assured overnight and that confidence has flowed through to her start at school.   

Henrietta began school with a very strong set of skills she learned during her time at Child, along with the ability to adapt to a new, totally different environment gained from the confidence and positive affirmation she received from her teachers at Child.

Henrietta’s and our experience as parents of Child is one of gratitude.  Henrietta found a place to learn & grow & be happy.   Thank you all at Child – Child was Henrietta’s  “happy” place. 

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