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Located in a modern, innovative building at Smales Farm, child encompasses five separate preschools with five separate outdoor playgrounds. More than just a Takapuna daycare, each preschool is a stand-alone entity encompassing its own teachers, bathroom, programmes, and creative indoor and outdoor areas.

child is located centrally to the North Shore at Smales Farm, amidst beautiful park-like grounds. Smales Farm Technology Office Park possesses some of the most technologically advanced buildings in New Zealand, including the AIA Building (AIA House) in which child occupies the ground floor along with Shore Care Accident and Medical Centre, Dentist facilities and a gym.

Close by, the building ‘Q4’ provides a ‘lifestyle quadrant’ for the park, housing cafes, banking facilities, hairdressers, beauty therapists, barber, dentist and shops. The Goodside provides many restaurants, cafes in a courtyard garden setting. For parents working in the city, child is adjacent to the Smales Farm Bus Station, where you can catch the bus to the city. There is also designated parking immediately out front of child for easy drop off and pick up.

As child is in a modern, purpose-built building, this has allowed us to incorporate many unique and important features to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. It includes one of the country’s most advanced air conditioning systems which will maintain a comfortable, healthy climate all year round. Each preschool will be thermostatically controlled to keep it cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. What’s more, the fresh air from the air conditioning will be finely filtered, eliminating dust and pollen for children with respiratory problems.

Other advanced features include low level internal windows allowing full visibility throughout the preschool, regulation safety fencing, the latest fire and safety equipment, and acoustic insulation for sleep rooms.

True to our goal of being the best preschool available and not just a Takapuna daycare, we also offer two full-time chefs in a fully equipped commercial kitchen, dedicated sleep rooms, a dedicated staffroom with adjoining teacher resource and planning room, laundry, meeting room and car seat storage.

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